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Product Description

We are proud to provide 100% alpaca filled duvets.  Each are hand made with a 100% down-proof cotton casing, sewn in box construction to ensure even distribution of the alpaca fibre filling, thus eliminating hot or cold spots.  Our batts are especially carded to a formula from our research to ensure your comfort level can be maintained at it’s highest under our alpaca duvet.  Our alpacas are selectively bred to produce fine quality fleece which we grade, clean and wash ourselves before they are made into batts.  Our duvets are custom made with an industrial long-arm quilting machine and each are then trimmed by hand to ensure a fine finish for your enjoyment.
**we do understand that there is a discrepancies between the European and North American dimensions for bed linens, therefore we also offer custom sizes.  Pricing will reflect the dimension of the duvet made

Available sizes are :
Crib – 35″ x 49″ – $118 plus tax
Twin – 72″ x 80″ – $390 plus tax
Queen/Double – 88″ x 96″ – $580 plus tax
King – 96″ x 96″ – $630 plus tax


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